[Vid] Aid Climbing 2.0?

Listening to the Marketplace Tech Report this morning, I heard a quick news bite about the suction-cup tech that the University State University is developing for the military. Like the Atlas motorized rope ascenders (which allow “reverse rappelling”)  this promises to make moving in the vertical plane more accessible than ever.

Of course, we don’t climb just to get to the top, and making things easy is almost never the goal, so I don’t imagine this will have much appeal for climbers. Still, with the smooth, sweeping granite faces found in popular climbing zones like Yosemite, could such a suction cup rig supplement typical rope systems and help rescuers reach climbers stuck on the wall? Well… probably not. Still, I wouldn’t say no to a test drive. The real question: can you get inverted with these bad boys?

Along these lines, when are those anti-gravity boots coming to market? I’ve been saving up…