[Video] Petzl RocTrip China

Last year, I went to China for the Petzl RocTrip. It was one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever taken, mostly because Chinese culture is so different from that of the West, especially in Gétu Hé, the tiny, rustic farming town where the RocTrip took place. As always, Petzl produced an amazing video about the trip. I wish I could say I was more involved with this production. Still, I feel a certain sense of pride working for a company that values and supports such adventures and such artistic endeavors. The video, with its musical integration, is pretty unique in the climbing mediaverse. Check it out:

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4 thoughts on “[Video] Petzl RocTrip China”

  1. This short was fantastic. It’s clear that the coordination, planning, and execution came together and the result is a stunning production. Thanks for posting this. I’m curious what role did you have in this adventure?

    1. I was sent to China to take photos and to help put together news posts for petzl.com. Other than that, and a tiny role in smoothing out some bits of the subtitles, I was uninvolved. Ah well, maybe next time…

  2. Unique, indeed. The first time I watched this, I think I watched it three or four times in a row. I think I can easily say it’s the most beautiful climbing film I’ve seen – the production and the musical integration blew me away.

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